Beaches in Chile

Chile, the southernmost country in the Americas, has a wide range of beaches, and an extraordinary and varied geography, which enchants its vistors.
Chile has always stood out for its wines, literature, and hardworking people. But there is also a very diverse geography that gives our land its identity. The diversity of climates and territories makes us a special destination for tourism, since we have different scenarios for each tourist and each one with a charm that no other place in the world possesses.

Hornitos is a beach town in the second region of Antofagasta that is sheltered by plateaus and warm waters with calm waves. It stands out for its good climate 365 days a year, due to the absence of rain. Which makes it an ideal destination to enjoy as a family.

How to get there:
From Antofagasta you take the highway towards Mejillones. At 90 kilometers to the north there is a sign where you must turn left to find Hornitos.

La Virgen
This beautiful town in the Atacama region has calm turquoise waters and white sand, protected by cliffs. With an almost untouched nature and Caribbean charm, this beach town is lovely and that is why it has been named one of the 5 best beaches in this country.

How to get there:
From Bahía Inglesa (center of multiple beach towns) take the coastal road 35 kilometers south to reach Puerto Viejo. Then you must follow the road to the coast, about 7 kilometers, and you will come to the beach.

La Punta de Choros
This beach town in the Coquimbo region offers an infinite number of activities to do, along with swimming and enjoying the sun on a warm northern beach. Various water sports and photography are also practiced there. But its main characteristic is its great variety of marine fauna. Among the most striking species found in this place are the bottlenose dolphin, the chungungo sea otter, and the Humboldt penguin.

How to get there:
This beach town is located 114 kilometers northwest of La Serena and to access it you must go by the Pan-American Highway, route 5 north. Then turn west.

Playa de La Serena
In the Coquimbo region, the beautiful city of La Serena offers multiple services (lodging and restaurants) and interesting history. On the waterfront there is a long beach named after the city with warm water.

How to get there:
this city is 465 kilometers north of Santiago, just take route 5 north to get there. When you reach the sector of Peñuelas you must take an exit to the west.

Playa Blanca
With white sands and calm waves this beach town welcomes us in the Coquimbo region. It has diving centers and varied options of gastronomic services and lodging. With turquoise waters and a pleasant atmosphere, this beach is ideal for the entire family.

How to get there:
432 kilometers north of Santiago. To get there, take Route 5 North until the exit for Tongoy. The entrance to Playa Blanca is on the public road that connects Tongoy with Guanaqueros. Follow a dirt road for about 5 kilometers.

7 kilometers north of Viña del Mar, this city of the Valparaíso region is one of the busiest beaches in the country due to its many services (entertainment, lodging, and cuisine). This beach is ideal for those who go to the beach to tan themselves in the sun, since its waves are stronger. But even so, it is suitable for swimming in some sectors with an infinity of activities to do.

How to get there:
112 kilometers from Santiago. To get there you must take Route 68, then take Route 60 to the Santa Julia roundabout. There you will find Gómez Carreño street, and you must follow it to Antofagasta street, and then continue to Jardín del Mar and finally to your destination.

This beach town, located in the fifth region, is the favorite for families due to its quiet and pleasant environment. Its serene waters and surrounding varied vegetation, plus its proximity to different services, make Maitencillo one of the favorite summer destinations.

How to get there:
From Santiago you have to take Ruta 5 Norte, when you reach kilometer 117, you must take the Nogales-Puchuncaví road to Maitencillo. It’s about a total of 170 kilometers.

El Canelo
This beach belongs to the Algarrobo district, and has fine white sands and peaceful surroundings. Its turquoise waters and natural sanctuaries, rich in flora and fauna, are other characteristics that make it special. Next to it, there is the "Canelillo" beach, with similar characteristics but a little smaller. These beaches are great for enjoying the tranquility of the sea.

How to get there:
There are 110 kilometers from Santiago to Algarrobo. To get to this district you must take Route 68, then turn right at Casablanca to take Route F-90, which heads to the destination.

This beach town in the sixth region is known for being the surfing center in Chile with good waves. It also has nice beaches with multiple water sports and varied commerce. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, whether enjoying the sun, visiting the salt flats, or buying souvenirs at its many craft fairs. Due to the influence of foreigners who visit it, it is a cultural mosaic.

How to get there:
From Santiago you have to take Route 5 South to San Fernando, then take the road to Santa Cruz, continue straight towards Marchigue and, from this town, to Pichilemu. It is approximately 227 kilometers from Santiago.

This beach town has gray sands and long beaches, with waters ideal for fishing enthusiasts. It is also ideal for water sports of all kinds, such as Surfing and Windsurfing. It has a quiet environment typical of a small town, just 5 kilometers from the Navidad district in the sixth region.

How to get there:
From Santiago, take the Autopista del Sol towards the city of San Antonio, exit at the fork to Leyda. Continue to Santo Domingo and then to Rapel until you reach the Navidad district. It is approximately 169 kilometers from the capital to the destination.

Chile not only promises to delight with these destinations, but with its entire geography, since it offers a wide range of tourist services and above all, unforgettable memories in the mind of each visitor. This is why the Seelmann team invites you to enjoy a good trip from north to south, and we assure you that you will come back for more.