We have 20 years market experience. We speak english and german


For a long time I had been thinking how to create an Automobile Company in which I could combine my kn owlege with my wish of direct contact to people during my work. In that way SEELMANN RENT A CAR was born in 1995. At the beginning it was a family business. Thanks to the enthusiastic support and work of the people who collaborated with me then, it was possible to „put wheels“ on the idea and carry out the dream of a Renting Cars Company

Since that time 22 years have passed. A marvelous work team has come into being. Our Company´s philosophie consists in offering a comprehensive Customer Service, that means: quick service, comfort and convenience, seguridad, special prices and above all, quality control so as to guarentee mechanical security of our cars .

Time has gone by and our Company has grown. We have put a lot of effort in trying to improve our work and widen our horizon. That is why we are offering other services in the Automobile Industry. Another big project SEELMANN SERVICE has been added to SEELMANN AND COMPANY LTD.

SEELMANN SERVICE was born due to the needs of our customers, who have discovered that we can offer great support in difficult situations.

SEELMANN SERVICE offers the provision of mechanical and electrical car services as well as work in auto bodywork and varnishing

Besides this we have also developed a complete care system for our foreign clients who can count on all kinds of support from the moment of the initial contacts with us until their trip back home.

We have implemented a new system that permits our customers to begin their trip to our country in the North (ARICA) or in the South (PUNTA ARENAS) according to their wishes with no need to pick up or return the vehicle in SANTIAGO. We invite you to get in touch with us to obtain information about the availability of these services.